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About us

Team Leads

Our team are digital citizens who have worked in the virtual space for 20 years.

We exist to construct a clear and easily accessed path to communication.

Gayle Hurmuses
Marketing Strategy & Creative Direction

Gayle Hurmuses is a marketing specialist and contract salesperson. Her role is marketing strategy, creative direction, project planning, copywriting, design, and client management.

She excels at seeing her client’s character, their customer’s needs, and the product or service being sold as an organized whole. and then articulating this in a marketing plan. 

Gayle’s method is to study the client, their market, and their goals through a combination of online research, interviews, and contemplation through the written word.

Her purpose is to help clients strengthen their business and support their five-year plan…or write one for them, along with their marketing plan. The marketing plan serves as the map to all marketing work. It helps show where the most profitable efforts are, guiding the selection and implementation of projects.

Her skills and experience have been put to use in many industries including: Education, entertainment, defence & security, manufacturing, food production, and events.

When applied, Gayle’s marketing and strategic plans typically lead to increased sales activity and closing. While every project is unique, gains of 100% are not unheard of, although not guaranteed.

Gisela McKay
Website Architecture & Website Development

Gisela McKay is a technical specialist who reads statistics and trend reports like they were comic books. Her skills include increasing website traffic while ensuring that visitors are there to do business.

Gisela excels at building websites that are easy to manage, secure, and that draw the maximum amount of traffic. She achieves this through data mining, statistical analysis, and trend watching, all backed by her own intuition honed through years of practice. 

Gisela’s method is meticulous and deliberate, and she has a penchant for working between 1am-4am. That’s a good thing, because some of the work we do is necessarily done when your customers are mostly asleep. 

Her intended outcome: A well-functioning website with an intuitive interface both on the front end for visitors, and at the back end for the client’s staff to manage with ease.

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