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Let us build you a new sales team member

Let us build you a new team member Website design, Website planning, Marketing plan
Your company website is an important part of the sales and business development cycle. That is in part because your product can be shown and your value proposition can be presented. It is also because there are tools to help ensure the traffic arriving on your site through search is “qualified”, that it delivers people you want to talk with, and who are interested in buying goods or services  from you. It may not be human, but your website  nevertheless does some of the important work of lead generation and client relationship management. Your website can help you with:
  • Prospecting
  • Connecting / Contact
  • Qualifying
  • Nurturing
  • Presenting the offering
  • Handling objections: Anticipating questions/Creating a learning environment
  • Closing
Our research of your business, your ideal client, and how your value proposition fulfills their needs, guides the design and development of the site and the content on it. The goal is to provide and help customers find the information needed to choose you as a valued service provider. When a website is carefully tended and examined after it is built, a synergistic relationship develops between the various interacting parts. By measuring, reviewing and analyzing site traffic patterns it is possible to anticipate and react to shifting consumer demands. It is also possible to create new content to guide visitors back onto preferred pathways. While helping you become a more effective provider to your customers, your website can help potential and existing customers understand your value to them. When properly designed and filled with useful and engaging content, your website will help to establish or cement customer relationships. Your website is also an adjunct to your sales staff who can refer to it as a public knowledge base when immediate information sharing is important. There is an authority to the written word that lends credibility to the voice on the phone, especially when accompanied by information graphics and photographs. Some common sales tools that can be embedded in your website:
  • Direct communication with customers through chat or telephony solutions
  • Survey tools to help guide the sales process
  • Data Collection and distribution
  • Lead generation
  • Client relationship management and development (this also includes your social media integration)
  • Search engine tools to help draw refined traffic
  • Blog posts and “white papers” that update or clarify your offering
Our intention is to build sites that establish new connections and help draw existing connections closer. The goal of websites we build and the content we create for them is to improve your sales position and outcomes. The next step to getting there is to set up a conversation to discuss your goals.  

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