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Better, Stronger, Faster

Better Stronger Faster

What is your brand?

Ensuring that website pages load quickly isn’t just about helping people find what they need. How your website performs will play a role in your prospective customer’s decision-making process. Ultimately, it will either promote or diminish your success in winning their business.

If part of your brand is that you provide exceptional professional business process service, or excellent products, you want to be able to demonstrate that in every way possible. For many who are searching for a supplier, the website will be the first experience they have with your brand. That experience should not be filled with irritating delays. Your business depends on that experience being ideal, seamless, and reassuring.

Efficient delivery matters

It’s not just that visitors may leave if the site is slow, it’s that they may not come back. Web visitors are not patient in general, and customers with a pressing need to fill may be even less patient. Your goal is to have your site draw your prospects closer and connect with them. We work to make your website a welcoming and comfortable environment that visitors find it easy to spend time in.

If your company website was once a powerhouse, we can rebuild and restore it to former glory.  If it was previously limited in function, but now you need an enhanced online sales and business development channel, we can transform it for you.

If the change also supports new available markets, we will help you find the best combination of all important elements to present to this new sector.

How and why things work

There is a lot of “under the hood” work done on a well functioning website that you don’t ever see. It shows up quickly as a lack however, if this is skipped until something is horribly broken.

Finding and removing malware, refining code, resolving conflicts between plugins, trendwatching, and meticulously tagging and providing accessibility language in all images, are among a variety of both maintenance and guided development tasks. All of the above are much better done as maintenance than repair.

Both the language and images are designed to draw in and keep people on your site. Informative writing that clarifies your offering and makes it appealing are important elements of an effective sales site, but no one cares how compelling your site is if they can’t find it, or if it won’t load. We make sure that your site is easy to find, and as light and fast as possible.

Technical site optimization

There’s a bit of special sauce in this, but what we can say is this: We ensure images are no larger than necessary to display well, remove excess and/or malicious code, and make sure that your hosting environment is suitable and effective.

Through written content, we help customers find your site by using the language they use and understand best. We avoid clogging information with industry-specific jargon unless your client-base is entirely in the same profession. Content is written in idiomatic Canadian English, with grammar that is correct without being pedantic.

Clear language

It’s useful to have industry specific language when you are talking business between colleagues, but it’s important to realize that your customers may be unfamiliar with the terminology. We dig into available data and find the terms popular with searchers who successfully find you…and those who find your competitors instead.

We use words they will find you by and understand you through. We review the websites, social media, and advertising of existing or desired customers and examine their own language in order to match the tone.

Your content is then designed to match the desires and interests of the ideal customer(s) so that they know we are speaking directly to them. The writing is designed to tell a complete story about your company and offering, while navigation and other cues nudge readers through an ideal pathway.

Landing pages & Navigation

Every page is a landing page, especially when visitors are coming from specific search engine queries. We help visitors to land on the page they need, and we work to ensure that they find all the essential information they seek. There, we tell them a story that retains attention with prompts to guide their travel intuitively through your website to the conclusion you want them to reach.

We design your site taxonomy (the hierarchy and grouping of similar or related items) so that further information relevant to what is currently being read, is visibly available in a way that makes it appear to be contiguous.

Technical optimization

The writing and content design above is one part of optimization. The other is ensuring that while dense with information, the site is light and easy to run on a technical level. and that it is compliant with current search engine requirements.

If your existing site is bogged down, we can rebuild it, reduce page load time, and direct traffic where you want it to be

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