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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Illuminating your online presence.

SEM helps ensure that your website is seen by the people you want as customers, clients, or supporters. At the same time, it prevents competitors from targeting your company’s native search traffic, hijacking customers that were searching for you by name. A solid search engine marketing plan and diligent execution can help to prevent this.

SEM operates in tandem with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) using many of the same foundational tools. 

SEM attracts the audience that SEO helps define

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) draws traffic by placing ads on carefully chosen search engines and associated websites, buying the same terms your site is groomed to serve through efffective SEO. These two practices work together to help boost your position in search engine rankings.

SEO ensures accessibility of the website for search engines, properly preparing assets with descriptions and tags, and tailoring a site’s content to include the language used by clients.

SEM uses the same, or similar research to find your customers and clients where they hang out, offering them solutions they are looking for. SEM also ensures that your site has many tag anchors throughout the internet, helping to keep you ranking high in your targeted terms, especially your own company name.  

Can you remember any times when you’re searching for a specific vendor and you click through to phone the top result…only to realize you’ve been misdirected to another company?

That’s an experience that can only feel worse when it’s YOUR company name that’s been scooped. Every time this happens, you risk losing that customer. We can help prevent that.

Short version: Search Engine Marketing includes: analyzing your preferred market and competitors, then crafting and posting ads to bring the right people to you while regularly measuring ad performance. 

Our commitment at A Good Mind is to ensure the effective use of your budget, tweaking ads to maximize the performance of every dollar spent. 

If you are looking for a solid Search Engine Marketing strategy, reach out to A Good Mind today. We are ready to be your meticulous, dedicated, diligent partner.

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