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Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Plain language wins sales.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) doesn’t only help people find what they are looking for.

It reminds them of the tasks they may have forgotten, and helps them find solutions they didn’t even know to ask about.

If you want someone to seek you out, speak in language they’re comfortable with and makes them feel welcome. In SEO, this is more than a good idea, it’s an essential element of the practice.

The language that will help  customers feel welcome is the language they use to find you in search. Industry terms may be elegant, but what brings people to your page is the match between what they typed into the search engine and the words on your pagea..

Language acts as a filter, speaking most clearly to those it was meant to address, and helping visitors sift themselves through your content. Good Search Engine Optimization supports that. 

While you may want to be the most popular website in your industry, your aim is to attract the traffic that is meant for you. Your website serves you best when it attracts only or mostly those who are in need of what you offer and who are ready to buy.

Keyword research, trend monitoring, and statistical analysis of your page traffic tells us which words fit best and helps guide storytelling choices.

Our objective is to build nets with their own filters, so that a dilettante bycatch doesn’t distract you from the trophy of a willing client approach.

Optimization is like working out. You can always benefit from physical activity even if you don’t maintain it. If the goal is to rock the runway, you must work out regularly. In the same way, you always benefit from eliminating bad code, ensuring your images are properly formatted and labelled, and refreshing stale copy. 

It can get old in an instant though and has to be done again. Bots attack your site and insert bad code; trends change and people use new terms to search; or a health crisis happens, and suddenly you need an article about your pandemic response. 

Good SEO is not weekend warrior stuff. Good SEO is a trainer who wakes you up and makes you hit the gym at least weekly. It’s meticulous, diligent, nerdy geek stuff…and a lot of it is best done in the little hours of the morning. Fortunately, that’s high noon for geeks. We’ve got you covered. Are you good to go?


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Our Services.