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This page presents a brief overview of some current and recent projects.

My offering includes: Marketing plans, branding and design, and copywriting. Design projects include: Logo and identity work, websites, billboards, packaging, advertising and books. As a graphic designer, I excel at creative insights, and conceptualizing campaigns, layouts, and visual design. Writing projects include: Advertising copy, proposals, websites, book copy, sell sheets, information packages, and business correspondence. A diverse background permits me to write and/or edit effective expert content for a wide variety of industries, professions, and public sector projects.

While it's always nice to have an opportunity to meet with clients face-to-face, I am experienced at working effectively with clients remotely, and at developing long-term mutually beneficial professional relationships even at a distance.

For a more in-depth look at work represented here, please click the links in the text below, or contact me for a portfolio of work tailored to your needs.


Liptons AV is a high-end audio store in Newmarket specializing in custom installations and home theatre design.

I write marketing copy for the Liptons website, defining the value proposition of various products for audio and video enthusasts, create graphics, build web pages, and optimize web copy for search.

  Eatin's Canada, is an online food magazine focusing on food issues, interviews, and reviews of small and medium sized producers of food, beverages,and culinary tools. I am the publisher, editor, and lead writers.  



Peppermaster Foods is an artisanally produced line of gourmet sauces and spice mixtures for pepper aficionados.

I help the client create and implement marketing strategies, produce marketing plans, and execute marketing tasks.




Brooks Pepperfire Foods (BPFI) owns Peppermaster and also acts as a co-packer for many small and medium sized artisanal food companies that need a specialized partner to assure the quality of their products. BPFI specializes in organic, nut-free, ethically produced fair-trade products, with farm to fork traceability.

I help the client create and implement marketing strategies, producing planning documents & pitch materials for investors.


Ray Condo was a Canadian music legend who passed away in 2004.In 2014, I produced, designed, self-published, and distributed Ray Condo's Rock'N'Roll Party, a commemorative book based on my photography of Ray Condo, with a foreword by Lily Frost. The book was promoted & funded by a crowdfunding and social media campaign which I also managed.

The campaign and book were featured on CBC's news website, in magazine articles both in Canada and abroad, on many rockabilly blogs, and on several roots radio shows across Canada.


George Scodras is a commerical food sales specialist who helps food companies sell to national chains such as Loblaws and Costco.I provide a variety of services to his clients, including branding, package design, and web development.

Packages I have designed for his clients have been sold in Costco in both the US and Canada.

I also designed his identity and a variety of presentation materials.

Marketing materials with a focus on sales.

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